date location venue tour name support co-headlining supporting
08/25/05Phoenix, AZCricket PavilionTwisted Logic TourBlack Mountain

John - Tucson

Twenty-two years ago, I saw my first U2 show (Unforgettable Fire tour)here in AZ. Last night, I saw my first Coldplay show, and couldn't help make the comparison. The raw energy, the amazing command Chris had over the audience, Will's incredible beats...this show rocked!

I know the comparison's become cliche, but really Coldplay is where Bono and the boys were twenty-two years ago and four albums into their career. Looks like Chris and crew are an album ahead! I just hope they keep their heads where they are and keep putting on amazing shows for many years to come. Plus, unlike U2 of old, they have the killer stage set-up.

Four complaints, only one of which has to do with the band: Parking sucked! It was so damn hot in Phoenix and it wasn't in Tucson (thought we Tucsonans did get props several times in the show). Oh yeah- the band needs to mix it up from show to show, especially with great boards like this that post the same sets night after night. I wanted a shocker like Trouble or Amsterdam to be tossed in the mix, just for fun!